25+ Yummy Dinner Pasta Recipes

You can’t beat the cooking time- it’s even quicker than plain old pasta. You also can’t beat the possibilities. Seriously, a quick search on the site will show you just how many different recipes we’ve incorporated it into. And that’s just what we’ve done so far.

Did anyone else trade nights to make dinner for roommates?  I loved taking turns cooking for my roommates or enjoying what they cooked when it was their turn.  It made life easier and it was fun to taste the staple recipes they grew up with.

Now granted, I don’t serve it to them by itself and never, ever the stuff from the can. That’s just nasty, and don’t get my started on the borderline PTSD I suffer from a particularly long stand off/battle of the wills with my own mother over it when I was a little bitty thing.

I know hamburger helper is probably less than impressive to anyone who grew up with it, but for me, I was embarrassingly delighted by the meaty, cheesy, carb-fest of pasta noodles in a savory, cheesy sauce with browned ground beef in it.  It just tasted so good and comforting!


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