24+ Beautiful Wedding Pedicure Ideas

This sparkly extra just gives your nails a special finishing touch which is perfect for a wedding. Are you a bright personality who also likes wearing clothes with bright colors? Then express your personality even more with some fruit nail design. You can add lemons or oranges or whatever fruit you like to your nails to create a fun and easy-going mood!

Just imagine how great your nails will look if you sit somewhere in a café sipping lemonade or mojito. Summer is the time you choose colors you’d steer clear from the rest of the days of the year. Unexpected, bright, trendy, neon… are all adjectives of the colors of your time at the pool and during festivals and vacations.

Add bright sunny flowers to create a joyous and happy mood around you. Bright colors and some flowers on your nails are sure to make passers-by smile and greet you joyously, as with such manicure you’ll become the embodiment of the summer itself.

Three easy nail designs including floral nail art and dotticure design for Spring and Summer. In this video, I show you how to paint cute dotting tool flowers even a simple dot design with dark pink, light blue, orange, pastel purple, and yellow nail polishes. Bring back the summer!